Posted on 10 April, 2017

The first week of the burns project has concluded and the second week is now underway. With 88 assessments and 31 surgeries completed thus far, the team of 26 are doing a great job.

Surgeries are still going on each day and every single patient has been thankful. It’s been fun, sad, teary, happy, busy, scary, and most of all humbling. We had a 12 year old boy came in on Thursday with a burn to his left leg from 20 days ago from a lighter, when I took the dressing off the screams of pain were heartbreakingly painful, but right now he lays in a hospital bed with a skin graft from his right leg, to cover the full thickness burn on his left leg a plaster to straighten his leg that would have otherwise become a Burns skin contracture that would stop him from walking, now he has a bright future and will walk out of hospital in a couple of weeks. Well done team. We had a night out for dinner together tonight before another busy week ahead changing lives.

Here are a number of photos from week one:


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