Posted on 7 September, 2018

This week I liken a bit to a rollercoaster. By the time we land, unpack, find our feet, start surgery… and just starting to get into the rhythm of the week, we have to start thinking about packing up and heading home. In between all that there is a whole lot of emotions intertwined: The patients, their journeys as well as the relationships built in such a short space of time.


They say when you go through something together your bond is strengthened and I couldn’t agree more. You always have that one thing in common, a special, unspoken, understanding that unless you have experienced it before you may not fully understand.


Today is the last day of surgery and the theatre is buzzing with laughs and smiles as everyone is taking group photos to ensure the memory of the trip lasts.

As the project comes to an end, reflection sets in. It’s always sad to leave, but in the same writing a paper breathe rewarding to know what the team are leaving behind.10 life’s have been transformed and many more affected in the process by both the local and OHI team.


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