Posted on 29 March, 2017

Rina is only 24, and she gave us permission to tell her story. Rina married at 13, and had her first baby at 15. She first showed signs of a uterine prolapse after her first baby. She went on to have three more babies (nterestingly all her babies were born in hospital which is unusual for Nepali women), sadly one was stillborn. Her children are aged between 1 1/2 and 9 years old.

Rina lives in the Terai region – near the Indian border. She told us she works cleaning the houses of rich people and makes brooms to sell. She lives with her mother and brother. When I asked where her husband is, the Hospital nursing staff would not ask her the question – she had already told them that he had left her because of the uterine prolapse – and they did not want to upset her by asking again. Later the same nursing staff told us later that she was upset after talking to us which made me feel bad.

I always ask the ladies for permission to ask them questions and tell their stories so that we can go home and raise money to help more women like them. They always say yes, but it must be hard because some of the questions are very personal.

Rina was crying when she went into the operating theatre. When we asked her why she was upset it was because she had left her baby at home. She was unsure how she was going to care for him while she was recovering from the operation.

After a short stay in hospital after her surgery, Rina has was discharged and began her long journey home. Life is challenging for the Nepali women at the best of times. She has suffered with a condition for nine years that has left her vulnerable and alone, and left emotional pain that will take far longer to heal than the physical over the past couple of days in Hospital.

Sadly Rina’s story is not isolated, it is a story we repeatedly hear.

The cost of intervening in Rina’s life, the cost to provide the surgery, was only $300! If you would like to support the cost of transorming a womans life in Nepal please Donate Now (Red button at top of the screen).


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