Posted on 29 February, 2016

The volunteers have now dispersed home to different parts of Australia and have no doubt returned to their usual routine at different hospitals in different states. Although everyone lives are quite different everyone agrees that the Myanmar project was an unforgettable experience.

It is my first day back home and I am left to reflect on the success of the project and how amazing it is that over 30 medical expertises chose to take a week out of their busy lives to share their skills for no monetary gain.

It then got me thinking, what are the unique characteristics that enable this project to continue to be a success year after year? I pondered on what each of the selected volunteers brought to the table and how they all individually contributed to the smooth process of the trip.What I have noticed in observation and conversation throughout the week is that a mutual respect exists, enhanced by an easy ability to laugh.In all exchanges between the locals and the volunteers I have observed much warmth and laughter -Ego does not play a part. All the medical volunteers I have met are a sincere and humble lot.Words like “This is the best thing I have ever done” is repeated often. There seems to be a real desire to make things better and arrogance and impatience does not play a part. For those who have returned on numerous trips enjoy catching up with the locals and at departure the gifts of gratitude were continually exchanged.

Now the trip is over we are left with unforgetable memories. I will now leave you with some photos from the last couple of days of the project:


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