Posted on 30 March, 2015

At the age of two Shanti was burnt when her clothes caught on fire from a candle which badly burnt her upper chest and side.

Unfortunately this happens more frequently than you may think in Nepal. Naked flame is a way of life in a country that cannot produce enough electricity. Living in a remote area in far-west Nepal also meant Shanti’s family were nowhere near any sort of healthcare facility as well as no one in the family knowing any first aid for burns.

As she has grown into a beautiful young women her scars have made her feel ugly even though they are covered by her clothes, she is worried she will not find a husband that willlove her for who she is “scars and all”.

Thanks to the committed surgeons on the Open Heart International team, as well as the nurses who cared for her before and after surgery, Shanti feels happy even though she is still sore. Her scars are still there, though the doctors have been able to reconstruct her chest to look better and function well.

Unfortunately tragedy has hit the family twice, her niece and nephew were also burnt in an unrelated fire incident a couple of years ago and as you can see have received facial scars. Thankfully they have full function and did not need any surgery.


Another story is of the little a beautiful 13 month girl (photos below) who came to the Emergency ward at Scheer Memorial Hospital (where we are working) after her hand was burnt. A cup of boiling tea was spilt on her and the Mother was so thankful when she found out that a Open Heart International burns team were in town. She was then able to get the best care possible, and most importantly, immediate care she needed.


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