In 2020, Open Heart International was delighted to be chosen as The Private Practice’s charity of choice.

Since 2009, The Private Practice education program has attracted over 4,250 healthcare professionals keen to lift their knowledge of business and financial management – and position themselves for success in their practice and personal lives.

Thank you for interest in The Private Practice’s ‘Postcards from Practice’ webseries. In lieu of charging a registration fee for the weekly ‘Postcards from Practice’ series, The Private Practice are encouraging participants to make a gift to Open Heart International.

There is no set amount to donate, all we ask is that you make a generous gift whilst thinking about the future value that The Private Practice’s education program is bringing to you and your business.

Your donation is tax-deductible, secure, and your receipt will be emailed to you immediately after the transaction.

Please note that this particular page is for the giving of your gift to Open Heart International.  If you have not yet completed your free registration for the upcoming “Postcards from Practice” event, you’ll can access the registration on The Private Practice’s website by clicking HERE [INSERT LINK WHEN KNOWN]



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