Posted on 20 November, 2016

Saturday the team started with the surgeries. From now on everyone in the team is scheduled to be quite busy. One can feel the excitement in the team!

For some of our volunteers this is their first OHI mission, while there are some others amongst us who have lost count of how many OHI trips they have done!


During the afternoon on Friday the last members of the team arrived in Dar es Salaam, finally the whole team is here!

In the evening there was a welcome briefing led by our coordinator Russell Lee, where we got to meet each other and introduce ourselves to the whole team.


Almost everything is in place, and everyone is excited to start the important medical work. Some of our volunteers had a bit of time to play with the patients, and judging from these pictures, one could say that they get along very well!


After that, some of us visited the Sikh temple across the street from the hotel.

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