Posted on 12 March, 2015

Open Heart International first began a Eye Surgery project in the Philippines in 2013. Based in the north of the country, the project serves an area where an estimated 25,000 people are living with some sort of blindness.

“Accessibility to healthcare is one of the biggest challenges” says Michael Were Manager at Open Heart International, “many cannot even afford bus fares to get to a major city, let alone the cost associated with surgery.”

“We’d really like to start a more comprehensive screening program, primarily visiting remote towns and villages where we know there are limited services. We work with great people in the Philippines, but resources are currently stretched”

“The salary of a nurse in the Philippines is approximately AUD$40 per day. We could do so much more if we could fund a nurse focused on these remote areas, finding patients, and strengthening relationships with local clinics.”

There are limited ophthalmologists in the region, and Open Heart International currently sends a surgery team annually to assist. With better screening processes, it is likely the number of surgical visits could also be scaled up.

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