Vietnam has a population of 87 million people and is located just south of mainland China. Despite the major conflicts of the 1970s it remains one of the more established economies in South-East Asia region.

Disparities continue to exist in the health system particularly in rural areas. However, multiple major hospitals exist in the key cities, and most major surgical specialties are available.

Cardiac Surgery in Vietnam

Open Heart International first visited Vietnam in 2000. Since that time we have made seven individual trips and our team has worked in three hospitals located in Hanoi, Hue, and most recently in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Rotary Club of Mosman was the initial starting point for our relationship in Vietnam. At the time of the introduction, each hospital was commencing cardiac surgery. Open Heart International teamed with those hospitals, providing assistance and support in successfully establishing cardiac units in each location.

All three cardiac units are now completely established and functioning without our active participation. There is no immediate need to visit Vietnam in the future.

Open Heart International are happy to be taking part in healthcare missions as well as healthcare humanitarian support in 3rd world countries including Vietnam.

What does healthcare humanitarian aid in Vietnam provide?

Each of our medical-related missions in third world regions such as Vietnam offer professional medical attention for patients who are not able to obtain these medical and surgical services because of the limited medical system.

Just how do international medical charities in Vietnam provide support?

The key objective of overseas medical humanitarian charities like OHI is always to save lives and alleviate the suffering of the local people.

Moreover, our professionalmedical mercy missions to Vietnamprovide education and learning for the local doctors whilst assisting to relieve stress on the local health system. This is achieved by decreasing waiting lists for specialty surgical procedures such as cardiac surgery.

Health related charity volunteers in Vietnam

Our surgery and non-surgicalvolunteersoperate tirelessly to provide guidance and teaching for community professional medical workers whilst supporting community medical staff to deliver better heathcare treatment in the area.

Do children in Vietnam receive healthcare assistance through the surgical mercy missions?

We are currently not implementing any projects in Vietnam. In previous visits our foreign surgery volunteers provided medical help to everyone – infants, small children, women and men.

Our Projects In Vietnam