Adjacent to Fiji, Vanuatu is comprised of over 80 islands and a population of approximately 200,000.

Originally known as the New Hebrides following settlement by the French and British, the country had a rare form of dual governance by both France and Great Britain which ceased in 1980 and then independence was granted.

Tourism provides a significant boost to the local economy, yet subsistence fishing and farming remains the primary way of life.

Vanuatu has a modest health system. Some opportunities for specialty medical services exist through visiting teams and transfer of patients overseas, however the cost is difficult for most to afford.

Cardiac Surgery in Vanuatu

Open Heart International has visited Vanuatu on eight separate occasions, and it was the second country our team visited. Our most recent trip to Port Vila was in 2006.

Cardiac surgery does not exist in Vanuatu, and a small number of patients are able to be transported to New Zealand for surgery.

Due to a lack of financial resources from both the Ministry of Health and Open Heart International, there are currently no immediate plans to return or re-establish a project in Vanuatu.

We are proud to be involved in medical missions and medical humanitarian aid in 3rd world locations such as Vanuatu.

What does clinical humanitarian aid in Vanuatu deliver?

All of our health care missions in under developed countries including Vanuatu deliver specialty medical therapy for individuals who are not able to find these professional medical and surgical procedures due to their modest health system.

How do foreign medical charitable organisations in Vanuatu aid?

The initial objective of international surgical charities such as Open Heart International is to help save people’s lives coupled with relieving the suffering of residents while maintaining their sense of self-worth.

In addition to this, ourmedical mercy missions to Vanuatuprovide coaching and help for the local community doctors while making an effort to lessen strain on the local community medical system. This can be done by reducing waiting lists for specialised surgeries which includes cardiac surgery.

Clinical charity volunteers in Vanuatu

Oursurgery and non-surgical volunteerswork tirelessly to offer help together with education for local medical staff while empowering regional healthcare workers to deliver better medical treatment in the region.

Do kids in Vanuatu receive healthcare assistance from the medical mercy missions?

Absolutely, Each time we visited Vanuatu our overseas healthcare volunteers provide medical treatment to everyone including the children.

Our Projects In Vanuatu