Papua New Guinea

One of the most diverse nations on earth lies just north of Australia. Papua New Guinea (PNG) is home to over 800 languages amongst its population of 6 million. With large mountain ranges, highlands, and approximately 150 islands, its geography is as diverse as its culture.

PNG was administered by Australia from the conclusion of World War 1 until its independence in 1975. Despite independence, Australia continues close ties with the country, and is the largest donor of foreign aid into the country.

Due to the vast richness of its natural resources, PNG is enjoying one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Despite this however, an estimated one-third of the population still live in extreme poverty.

Cardiac Surgery in Papua New Guinea

A cardiac team visited the country in 1993. Our project initially commenced after the conclusion of a bilateral agreement between Australia and PNG where cardiac patients were transferred to Sydney for surgery. At the time of this practice there was no available cardiac surgery in the entire country.

Over time, the project goals have shifted and are now firmly focused on establishing anindependent cardiac surgery unitwithin the Port Moresby General Hospital. Due to our efforts at project sustainability PNG nationals are now suitably qualified and trained in cardiac surgery and cardiac anaesthesia and some types of cardiac surgery can now take place independently as a result.

Ateam of our volunteers, usually over 50 individuals, visit annually to provide ongoing training and support particularly in post-operative care. They also help meet the need for an increased surgical presence to cope with the growing demand for surgery.

In recent years, we have made a transition to an emphasis upon local ownership by a strong team in PNG. Supported by the local business and philanthropic community, there is a real future for performing sustainable cardiac surgery within PNG.

OHI are proud to be taking part in healthcare missions as well as healthcare relief assistance in 3rd world locations including Papua New Guinea.

Exactly what does healthcare humanitarian assistance provide in Papua New Guinea?

Each of our healthcare missions in third world countries such as Papua New Guinea provide professional medical treatment for patients who are can’t access this qualified professional health treatment and surgery as a result of limited health system.

How do overseas healthcare charitable groups provide support in Papua New Guinea?

The primary objective of foreign medical humanitarian aid organisations such as Open Heart International is to save lives and ease the pain of the locals while maintaining their dignity.

In addition, ourclinical mercy missionsto Papua New Guinea deliver teaching and support for the local community specialists while helping to relieve strain on the regional health system. This is successfully achieved by reducing prolonged waiting lists for specialist procedures which includes cardiac surgery.

Medical charity volunteers in Papua New Guinea

Oursurgical and non-surgical volunteersoperate relentlessly to deliver support as well as teaching for regional healthcare workers along with supporting the region’s medical workers to provide better medical treatment in the area.

Do kids in Papua New Guinea receive clinical assistance from the mercy missions?

Yes, Our project primarily focuses on children born with heart defects. All of our overseas surgery volunteers offer medical assistance to babies, children and adolescents. A small number of older adult, men and women have also received surgery.

Our Projects In Papua New Guinea