The People’s Republic of China is a country of staggering proportions, from its population of 1.35 billion people to its land mass of 9.6 million kilometres.

Today, it has one of the world largest economies. The country’s path of economic reform, commencing in the 1970’s, has also made significant improvement on poverty and health for its citizens, albeit there still continues to be major disparities throughout the country.

Some estimate that the rate of poverty reduced from 85% to 13% in a thirty year period.

Cardiac Surgery in China

Open Heart International implemented a project in the People’s Republic of China which commened in 1993. Western influence on the country was still limited at that time, and an invitation was extended to assist in the development of a cardiac surgery unit in Zhongshan, where access to the country for some invited foreigners was possible via Hong Kong.

The project ceased in 1994 to allow both organisations to explore other directions. Some short term goals were achieved during the projects duration.

OHI are happy to be taking part in healthcare missions as well as healthcare relief aid in 3rd world locations such as China.

What does clinical humanitarian aid in China deliver?

All of ourhealthcare missionsin countries such as China deliver specialty medical therapy for individuals who are not able to find these professional medical-related and surgical procedures due to their insufficient health system.

How do foreign medical charitable organisations in China aid?

The initial objective ofoverseas medical charitiessuch as Open Heart International is to help save people’s lives and relieve the suffering of residents while maintaining their self-worth.

In addition to this, our medical mercy missions to China provide coaching and help for the local community doctors while making an effort to lessen strain on the local community medical system. This can be done by reducing substantial waiting lists for specialised surgeries which includes heart and cardiac surgery.

Clinical charity volunteers in China

Our surgery and non-surgicalvolunteerswork tirelessly to offer help together with education for area medical staff members while empowering regional healthcare workers to deliver better medical treatment in the region.

Do kids in China receive healthcare assistance from the mercy missions?

We are currently no implementing any projects in China. Our previous projects provided medical treatment to everyone including children.

Our Projects In China