Posted on 16 March, 2016

Namaste friends, family and supporters! Day 2 is drawing to a close as I write this, and our teams’ work is in full swing. The travel here was relatively smooth, and the last of our team members (Jane) arrived last night.


Seventeen women have already had life changing surgery to correct their pelvic organ prolapse and over 60 have been assessed for procedures. Our operating list for the week are filled!

One woman came in desperate for surgery..her husband had taken a second wife several years ago after the prolapse developed. This scenario is unfortunately all too common, and highlights the quality of life issues we’re trying to improve for women who are too often neglected.

The country here is fascinating and we can see the effects of the earthquake devasation and the recently lifed fuel blockage. Many of the team members walk to work every morning – a 4km walk down the hill into town, past families living in makeshift dwellings and past lines of trucks at the petrol stations still waiting for fuel. There was a small gentle “earth tremor” last night…but we’ll count our blessings if that’s all there is during the trip.


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