Posted on 14 May, 2013

This post is by Warwick Creeper, Manmar Team Blogger.


Yes, our Open Heart International Team arrived in Myanmar on Sunday 17 Feb 13.

We are delivering our expertise in three major hospitals across Yangon, a capital city in Myanmar, and as at Tuesday evening performed 14 major heart operations.

Yangon airport

Above is a pic of the exotic Yangon Airport.

For those who ask where exactly is Myanmar?, I’ve include a little map…

Map of Myanmar

The Yankin Children’s Hospital is a relatively new hospital transformed. It was formerly The Ministry of Mining Building. Under the direction of Dr. Win Win Kyaw, and with a helping hand from Open Heart International, her team is now including adult cardiac surgery to their list in addition to paediatric.

Yankin Children's Hospital Myanmar

Below is the Open Heart International Team in theatre working along side and teaching the theatre staff at the Childrens Hospital.

Open Heart International in Theatre Myanmar

Yellow Watermelon Myanmar

So from the Land of the Yellow Watermelon, yes that’s right, the watermelons taste the same but are yellow here,

time to check out and back with more soon!

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Myanmar Open Heart International Team

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