Posted on 17 June, 2013

This post is by Michael Were, Manager of OHI.

One of the cases for Friday needed a special type of sternum saw. Problem is we didn’t have it or actually own one like it?

So a few calls back to base at Sydney Adventist Hospital, and we were able to get one on loan that would do the trick.

Second problem. We needed it by Friday morning and no one else was coming out of Sydney that would get here in time.

Solution? Get the saw on an overnight courier to Geelong Hospital (during a QANTAS strike), then have it picked up by one of our team members flying out of Melbourne to Tonga. Have it arrive at 1am Friday morning, and ready for use in the case!

So thank you to Lee Swain and the team in theatres at Sydney Adventist Hospital. The previous package arrived and allowed the show to go on as planned!

special saw system on-route to Tonga via Melbourne

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