Posted on 22 March, 2018


As explained by two lovely nurses, Kiasha and Dominique this morning (pictures below), TOF children instinctively learn to squat. It’s in order redirect their blood supporting their blood pressure. These kids are equally as engaging and precious as my boys at home. Ideal treatment, available under our health care in Australia,is a surgical repair before the age of one. Without any diagnosis or treatment, the heart muscle progressively fails.


Darren Wolfers our project coordinator shared some great news this afternoon. Himself and Professor Janabi met with the Tanzanian Minister of Health and visited the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). With some encouragement, a commitment was made to fund more educational training for JKCI’s local surgeon Dr Hussenali.


So far this week at the Jakay Kikwete Cardiac Institute our OHI surgical team, whilst mentoring their local colleagues,.has performed 18 open heart operations – 7 adults’ and 11 children’s hearts mended!!! WOO HOO! Healing 18 people and saving lives is a tremendous week’s work! The Intensive Care Unit is full steam ahead and our expert ICU nurses are continuing to rise to the challenge.

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