Posted on 7 February, 2016

Over the weekend team members started arriving in Port Moresby to undertake the first Open Heart International (OHI) cardiac trip for 2016 in Papua New Guinea (PNG). OHI has a long and involved history with PNG through Port Moresby General Hospital. So far, we have seen a great start to the February program with the last of the equipment out of their boxes and everything starting to take shape as the rest of the team arrives.


There arevolunteers arriving for each different department of the Hospital such as surgical, anaesthetics, intensive care, ward, physio andmany more. For each of these specialities resources have been sourced and set up by the local staff.

From pre-planning right through to execution, the local staff involvement has helped further the knowledge and resources with the goal of a self sustainable local program. Both OHI and PNG local team have goals in place to be able to deliver the best possible care for the patients as well as seeing the local program progress in hopefully a lot smoother and more efficient way.


Everyone is gearing up for the first day of surgery today! The doctors and surgical staff from both OHI as well as Port Moresby General Hospital have meetings in regards to critical order of patient surgeries and plans of care. This involves an initial briefing room meeting and also patient reviews of those already on the ward. Working together both groups form one team very swiftly in order to deliver the best possible care to all patients needing treatment in the upcoming week!

Now for the 2016 PNG cardiac project to be underway!