Posted on 12 August, 2017

Friday saw the last of the eleven patients operated on as well as the firstcardiac symposium put on for the hospital staff. With a chance to gain education from various roles and people, while focused around the treatment of cardiac patients. The symposium aims to educate local staff and share ideas amongst peers. It is great to see what was once a smaller education sessions a couple of years ago how now expand across departments into a larger network.


I spoke with the father of fifteen-year-old patient Joan Tambo. Tomorrow Joan will be up, walking around and starting her rehab on the ward. Ibanda, Joan’s father wanted to share his story. They are a family from a remote area and are very thankful to OHI, all the teams involved, local staff and sponsors, as well as all the other organisations and volunteers who visit throughout the year to make it possible.


Their family are from one of the remotest parts of the country, Lake Kopiago, Korova province. Thanks to volunteer organisations in the area after 11 years have built roads, managed to obtain surgery in their local area that they would otherwise have no access to due to living outside of the main cities. Ibanda says it is up to those with the skills and willingness to volunteer their time both locally and abroad to make all this possible.


On the ward more patients are up and about! Laho is moving around as well as the tiniest patient in ICU, 1 month old Shimeidod. Another patient moved onto the ward yesterday, Jolie. While resting is still a crucial part of the recovery, playing, chatting and listening to some music on their parent’s phones seem to come into play also.

The theatre team heads into surgery towards the end of the day to finish one last case while the majority of the team heads back to the hotel. Tonight is to celebrate the birthday, Order of Australia medal and over 55+ trips with OHI for Kym Stuart, as well as to say goodbye to a couple of team members that head back to Australia (Surgeon Yishay Orr, Intensivist Simon Erickson and Lindy who is heading back to the Netherlands via Hong Kong) tomorrow.

After a night of special menu prepared by the lovely staff of the Stanley in Port Moresby, Mickey Mouse balloons, Minnie Mouse party hats and misprinted ‘Whinnie the Pooh’ lolly bags the team start to prepare for the end of the trip.