Posted on 19 June, 2013

This post is by Melanie Windus, Project Coordinator – Fiji.

Lots of people have common names, and of course that is no different in Fiji. The two Kumars, Ravindra and Sanjay are no relation, and have only met with their shared experience this week – both receiving cardiac surgery.

Ravindra (left) is 45, and an agricultural farmer from Labasa. He was extremely tired and had a lot of pain when working on his farm. He went to hospital and was on medication for some time knowing that there was an issue with his heart. The medication was short term solution, and as his condition continued to deteriorate he knew that surgery was the only option. Unforunately that meant a waiting game, and a hope that he would be selected as a patient.

Thankful and happy following surgery, he is looking forward to getting home and back to the farm. Not being able to work and provide for his family has been tough, but thats about to change now he is getting stronger again.

Sanjay (right) is 42 from Sigatoka, and own a motor mechanic business. He has known for 3 years that he had a problem with his heart. Back in 2009 he had nearly two months off work through sickness, and then plenty of other times he has not been able to work. Imagine what that does to a small business when the boss can’t work!

Like Ravindra, he is looking forward to getting home and getting back to business. The last three years have been hard, but now he is hopeful of being able work a lot quicker. “Thank you all so much and God bless you all” he told the team.

Fiji cardiac patient now able to work
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