Posted on 19 June, 2013

This post is by Coralie Batchelor, Project Coordinator – Nepal.

We’ve been here in Banepa (just outside Kathamandu) for the past nine days. It’s quite amazing to look at the numbers as I start to tally everything up:

  • 145 patient assessments (and that does not include some we sent to the gynae clinic, and others we turned away in the last couple of days because we could not do any more)
  • 85 surgical procedures, including
    • Removal of a large ovarian cyst on a 2 year old (our first case)
    • 78 prolapse surgeries
    • 4 abdominal hsyterectomies
    • 1 laparotomy/ovarian cystectomy
    • and for good measure – 1 caesarean section!

It has been an amazing effort by an amazing group of people. I would like to acknowledge all the team members – they have shared the burden and helped lighten the load (and had a good time as well):

I also want to acknowledge the staff of both the Scheer Memorial Hospital in Banepa and the HDCS-Team Hospital at Dadedhura and thank them for letting us take over part of their hospitals and for all their help & support.

Time to sign off for Nepal 2014. Thanks for your interest and support of our program, and of me. Looking forward to seeing my family at the airport, and the rest very soon.

Regards, Coralie

Womens Health Team Banepa

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