Posted on 22 April, 2016

When the Open Heart International team first arrived at King Faisal Hospital, Judith Kyengo embraced former team members as though they were long lost relatives.


Our long-serving volunteers, who cannot count the amount of missions they have done, were just as happy to see the Nurse Unit Manager of Intensive Care; hugging, clapping hands and holding on to one another.

“I get so excited when they (the volunteers) come back,” Judith says.

“Open Heart International people are very hard working and have a lot of commitment to their patients who are sick.

“I have worked with them for so long and have watched how swift they are in addressing the criticalness of patients.”

Originally from Kenya, Judith has been living and working in Rwanda for the past eight years, working with Open Heart International every one of those years.


“Nursing is my passion, I really love it,” she says.

“I like taking care of people, particularly when they really needed it.”

Judith studied basic nursing for three and a half years at university and then went on to study for another two years specialising in accident and emergency.

“I enjoy the challenging cases,” she says.

“I like working in a critical environment.”

One day Judith, who has four sisters and four brothers, wishes to visit Australia.

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