Posted on 11 September, 2015

After today’s two last cases for paediatric week, we will be at the halfway mark for our Tongan project. The team have completed 17 cases (4 of these were adults). Our smallest weighing in at 4.7kg at only 4 months old which is the weight of some kids at birth.


In only a few short days after their operations it is a beautiful site seeing the kids sit by their mothers side. A once uncomfortable and uncertain scenario has turned into a joyful, happy scene.The kids have smiles from ear-to-ear, running around only a few short days after surgery. The mother is the one who sees the difference and the gratitude in their eyes is enough to know how thankful they really are.


This morning I went to tagged along with our Project Coordinator Dr John Wallace who being interviewed for Tonga TV. The interview will air later tonight. We then went to the Australian High Commission. It is great that our work in Tonga has so much support.


It is a beautiful day here in Tonga and once the theatre team are done on the 17th case, they are off to the beach for some much needed (and deserved!) R&R. Many of them are flying back to Australia tomorrow.

Tomorrow is handover day with 10 of our team leaving us with an additional 10 joining the team for Sunday beginning of adult week. Handover day gives an opportunity for a breather, and a chance for some of the team to check out a bit of Tonga. The whale watching is one of the best in the world, and some of our team are taking the opportunity tomorrow.


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