Posted on 24 November, 2016

The good news of today is that four pallets with supplies arrived from South Africa at the end of the day for the ongoing project in Tanzania.


Other than that, today was a slower day. It took a llittle longer to get the patients to surgery.

Then –as is often the case in Dar es Salaam– there was a power outage and it was decided to only do one adult and one paediatric case. The hospital is actually quite well set up with battery backups as well as diesel generators to take over during such situations. Nevertheless, since the power outage lasted a long time and the backup batteries were partially drained, the risk of not having a further backup was too great to start a second case.


The kids in pre-op and post-op stages are still a joy to everybody, and every time we go out of the ICU area, we are greeted by their playfulness and smiles in the waiting area. They are the best!


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