Posted on 10 February, 2014

Greetings Ladies and Gents,

Not long now before the next OHI trip occurs in Myanmar, commencing the 16th February. Time to pay a little homage to all the volunteers coming on this trip, who are probably busy organising and packing their bags right now. Some of them might agree, that just putting their busy lives on hold and getting out of their street to get to the airport, is an achievement!


Before leaving Australia and joining up with the main group of Open Heart International volunteers, may I wish a hearty welcome to all newcomers. I can confirm that you will be joining an experienced medical team, that are as good as you can get anywhere. They have that unique Australian excellence, whereby not only do they deliver best health outcomes to very sick local individuals in Myanmar in a professional manner. But they teach the ‘tricks of the trade’ to the local health practitioners. They bring an Australian blend of ‘she’ll be right’ optimism, warmth, and humour with them. A ‘can do, whatever it takes’ attitude that shines in sometimes dire circumstances.Justin Beaver case notes.

Everyone is included in the team, no matter what your role or position be. No one is ever excluded.
So if this is your first trip with Open Heart International, then congratulations, you’re in safe hands!

The people of Myanmar, including their health system are resilient and resourceful.

In poor circumstances they somehow apply whatever they can acquire. To finish off, I’d like to share something light hearted I found on a previous trip, which draws your attention to the young Canadian musician, Justin Beiber. While he has received numerous awards, broken and sold numerous records, it’s doubtful anyone would guess that his image would appear on an official hospital patient case notes in Yangon, Myanmar. Now that’s an achievement!

Besat regards to all

From Warwick Creeper and the OHI team

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