Posted on 8 August, 2017

Day two is when the project starts to get moving! After morning handover in ICU (intenstive care unit) the projects hits the ground running for another day. (Handover is where both the Open Heart International (OHI) and local team discuss the events of the past shift and pass on any critical information).


Theatre is always in full swing, with OHI supporting the local team with the treatment and surgery of patients. The aim is toget through three cases today, meaning three patients in ICU overnight, then hopefully (if all goes well) all three on the ward tomorrow at some point.


The first patient of the week Sheba is already up and out of bed and moving into her new room. Second patient, Victor is far behind blowing bubbles!

The local physio team visits the ward around lunch time to meet the kids and catch up with the OHI staff.As the local team will be providing on going care once OHI leaves next week.


Patients are in and out all day through Intensive care (ICU) but the nursingstaff make time to group together for some on the job learning, refreshing of current knowledge as well as trying new techniques alongside some theory.

Everyone is workingtogether fantastically and everything is running smooth!