Posted on 13 June, 2013

This post is by Michael Were, Manager of OHI.

Here is a functioning cardiac surgery unit. Packed up in all of these boxes is everything needed for two weeks of surgery. And so the task for the rest of the afternoon was to unpack and get everything sorted out. It is amazing how quickly this can all get done, and after a couple of hours nearly everything is set.

Boxes in Tona ready to be unpacked Boxes in Tona ready to be unpacked

Some more set up will be required to finalise everything on Sunday morning, with the intention of starting surgery sometime around lunch time. 24 hours from boxes to surgery – many hands make like work!

And while all the unpacking is being attended to, the tough decisions about patient selection is going on. Approximately 60 people have been reviewed by the screening team – Kerrie, Malcolm and Garry. Along with the surgeons, and the local doctors just over 30 have been identified as candidates for surgery. The first week’s list has been drawn up and we’re aiming for 19 operations during the first 5 operating days.

Boxes in Tona ready to be unpacked unpacking and set up starts in Tonga

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