Posted on 9 February, 2016

With a number days of surgery behind us both patients from our first day of surgery have taken their first steps out onto the ward!

Rebekah Barry the team physio has been working with the patients, their families and ICU staff Ingrid and Gerry to help Christopher and Witus (our first post-op patients) get up and moving! Blowing bubbles, stretching arms, hi-fives and small walks might look like fun and games but it also plays an important role in patient recovery. These sort of activities help avoid complications like chest infections for patients who have undergone surgeries like this.


The heart and lungs undergo a lot of different types of activity and inactivity during cardiac surgery and recovery. While previously, patients would undergo periods of bed rest, now it is known to be much more beneficial to get everything working again. Exercise like blowing bubbles or taking a few steps helps inflate the lungs, keep them clear and get the heart working to meet the demands of the body again. While definitely not comfortable Christopher has done very well and the staff look forward to getting each patient up and about again to get moving and working with their new hearts!


Our smallest patient Delilah, definitely makes up for her size in attitude! Unhappy with waking up in ICU after her operation she is definitely getting the heart and lungs working by letting everyone know how poorly she’s feeling! With some very small hands and feet kicking up in the air, Delilah’s expected to be out on the ward this afternoon.

So far six children have had open heart surgery and another two expected for today.