Posted on 7 August, 2017

Day one of operations in Port Moresby saw a very busy start to the trip. Getting the setup finished in theatre, finalising the operation list with the local staff, as well as the team getting ready for the first surgery of the day. The aim for the week isfor the local team to get through two operations per day with the assistance of the Open Heart International (OHI) team providing support and training along the way.


While theatre is in full swing the ward staff are generally waiting for their time to shinefor a day until the patients start to arrive from ICU. With a slower pace day between setup and the children arriving on the ward, Physiotherapist Katie decided to run a quick hotel Pilates class in order to warm everyone up for the week ahead!

Everyone is looking very happy and excited to be working together for the next week to help all the kidsundergoing heart surgery this week at Port Moresby General Hospital!