Posted on 19 June, 2013

Namaste everyone

Mountian trip to DadeldhuraWe had a chellenging trip yesterday! About a 4 hour drive, basically uphill over a mountain range, from the airport to Dadeldhura. We had two 4-wheel drive vehicles and I wouldn’t have liked to do it in any other car. There has been a lot of rain and the road was broken up in quite a few places, and evidence of fairly recent land slides. It was very picturesque, and would have been ever more so if it wasn’t raining. When we reached the top of the pass there was fresh snow that hadn’t been there when the drivers passed through earlier. Once it beacme dark, visibility dropped to virtually zero. We crawled along in driving rain and fog with the drivers watching the sides of the roads more than where they were driving.

When we arrived at our hotel in Dadeldhura it was absolutely freezing – it had to be less than zero – and still pouring with rain. Dr Lomi and several hospital staff were there to meet us. The less said about the “hotel” the better! Lets just say it is “basic”. But everyone has taken it well! We are a little concerned though that when we return to Kathmandu, the hotel we are staying on Friday night might not let us through the door as they will probably smell us coming! I think everyone wore their entire wardrobe to bed last night. I had 5 layers on the top half, 2 on the bottom half & 2 pair of socks!

But then we woke up this morning to a lovely clear sky and a magnificent view of the Himalayas! We walked to the hospital – only a 10 minute walk. The view of the mountains from there is equally stunning! The hospital buildings are extremely run down and the new building is far from completed.

view of the Himalayas hospital building in Dadeldhura

They had already admitted 2 patients for us and had another pateint who had arrived with a huge prolapse with urinary retention they wanted us to see. Several more arrived during the day and we have 4 on the list for tomorow so far.

I went into the maternity ward today – sometimes you just shouldn’t do things! They have 1 incubator and the only heat is has is through light globes. There were several new baby’s there – all boys at the moment. Dr Lomi told us that they keep some of the women in hospital for longer than usual because in this area the women often have to stay in the cow shed when they go home for 12 days because they are considered unclean. While I love this country, the treatment of women in Nepal is devastating to me time and time again.

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