Posted on 21 October, 2014

Hi all, Lana here again. As mentioned in my previous post (see below), I am not a Doctor or a Nurse, but I am lucky enough to be joining the OHI team at Angkor Hospital for Children.

When OHI is in town, they try to make being in Hospital fun for the kids. The team really has a holistic approach to healthcare, and each day in addition to operating on, and caring for the kids, they take time to colour-in with them too!

Seeing as though I am not medically trained, I’ll be running the ‘Arts and Crafts’ program for the patients. The team believe the program is a great inclusive way to any breakdown cultural barriers and show the kids that they don’t need to be afraid of our doctors and nurses.

Today we made crowns! It was so nice to nice to see all the OHI volunteers today taking the time out of their busy schedule to get crafty. The kids just love their crafts, and the parents have just as much fun too!

I can tell already, the ward is going to be extra bright and colourful this week!


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