Posted on 16 September, 2013

Clinic 1

All of the paediatric patients returned yesterday for their first clinic appointment. The purpose of visiting the cardiac clinic is for the local doctors to review and follow up each patient a week after surgery and ensure that all are in good health. Regular appointments at Vaiola Hospital will be part of most patient’s routine.

We’re pleased to let you know that everyone in the Class of 2013 passed with flying colours, all are doing well, full of energy and smiles.

Some of the nursing team that were not currently working a shift at the time, made the special effort to come to the clinic to see them. It was a happy reunion, and the team was really pleased to see all of the smiling faces again.

Our videographer, Laen, has had a special relationship with James since the cheeky photos we showed you last week It would appear that James has taken a liking to being behind the camera just as much as in front of it. Perhaps you’ll be out of a job soon Laen?!

Clinic 2 James

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