Posted on 20 April, 2016

Our first patient is recovering well.

Vincent Niyodnsenga, 12, was Open Heart International’s first patient in Rwanda on Saturday 16 April.


His mum, Francine Nyirabahizi, has been by his side ever since surgery to repair his sub aortic stenosis, staying at King Faisal Hospital every night because their home in Eastern Province is over an hour away.

Francine first noticed Vincent wasn’t very well about a year ago when he suffered fevers and headaches as well as weakness all over.

She has already seen an improvement since her son, who is in year four, has been operated on.

“I am happy for the Open Heart International team being here,” Francine says.

“Vincent is looking forward to going home and I am very happy for his treatment.”

Vincent says Open Heart International has been looking after him very well.

He is looking forward to going home to play soccer, go to church and study.


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