Posted on 9 May, 2013

This post is by Bec Dinn, Team Member – Cambodia.

Hi I am Bec Dinn.

Well today was something else. Our beautiful orphaned boy, Chea, went for his surgery and I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I carried him to theatre, and his fear was evident as he clung on to me so tightly and didn’t want to let me go. Our good friend Theatre Monkey distracted him for a short while and then I had to hand him over to the theatre staff.

Chea’s surgery is not necessarily straight forward and as with any surgery, it comes with risks. But Chea’s risks are much greater. At 6 years old, he is only 13kg, nearly half the average weight of a child that age. His malnourishment is due to effect of poverty and the failure of his mitral valve – which will require a tissue prosthesis to be fitted inside his heart to make it function properly.

He is unable to have his defective valve completely replaced due to his age and the need for ongoing specialty medication (Warfarin) – something that is very tricky to stabilise in a developing country. Asked if the risks for Chea were concerning, our ever casual surgeon, Dr. Ian Nicholson says “Oh no – he will be alright”. And we have every confidence that he is in the best hands.

Good luck little fellow – you have the whole of Cambodia, Australia and America behind you. And I know there are 2 very anxious parents at home in Sydney that are wishing you every bit of love and luck possible. Geoff and Jan, thank you for making this a possibility.

And if my husband is reading, “Hi Hubby – don’t be surprised if I arrive home with some extra walking baggage – can you make up the spare room pls!?” Hard as it was – this is the only way he has a future. Good luck Chea xxx

And now we anxiously wait……

Below: Bec taking Chea to Surgery with Theatre Monkey trying his best to distract him

Cambodian heart patient Chea surgery day Cambodian heart patient Chea surgery day

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