Posted on 19 June, 2013

This post by Helen Dodshon, ICU team nurse

I vividly remember the night on our trip to Fiji in 2011. The alarms went off, and Bibi had a cardiac arrest in the post-op ward. Cardiac arrest, for those without a medical background, can happen after surgery. It’s hard to say why Bibi’s heart stopped, and to be honest we were more concerned with getting it started again!

She returned to ICU, and I remember nursing her through this really unstable period. When she was finally stable again, she asked her family if she could have McDonalds for dinner!

A couple of days ago, Bibi returned to say hi. It was wonderful to see her again, and to hear that life is back to normal. Healthy and happy, she told me she is back to ful family life, driving a car and exercising! She is just so thankful for the team coming to Fiji, her recovery and the return of her life.

I was so thankful that she took the time to drive from Nadi to see us. Often we don’t hear too much about how life is different for the patients, its really rewarding when we do.

Former cardiac patient Bibi returning to say hi

Former Fiji cardiac patient Bibi after surgery Former Fiji cardiac patient Bibi after surgery

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