Posted on 25 February, 2016

Wednesday started off a little different to most days, with an earthquake before we even left the room for breakfast. It was only a 4.5 but from the 15thfloor we felt quite a jolt.

Undaunted we walked back to the Yangon General Hospital (YGH) where past the food stalls where family were doing their usual morning routine of purchasing food for their relatives in Hospital.


The post-op cases were doing well and we watched as the gentleman who had surgery yesterday be extubated. A group of student physios were on hand and received instructions on all the necessary procedures to take when dealing with a patient of a higher required care level.

There was plenty going on in the Cath Lab and echo department.


Surgery was underway and a long case in the afternoon kept the team there until late. A group of six of us moved on to the next hospital, Yankin. It was a long journey of about an hour which is a little harder to take at 36 degrees. Brendon and Emma (the team’s educators) stayed on at Yankin while Christine and I went further out to the Military Hospital. The children from yesterday’s surgery were doing well and seemed to be cooperating well with their physio.


Once arriving for dinner we learnt that this afternoon’s case was still in progress and more difficult than initially expected.

Dinner was hosted by Professor of Cardiology at YGH and a group off her associates and the thai meal left some very happy and satisfied volunteers.

A very fulfilling week is fast coming to an end with Sharon and Belinda from the Echo department returning home to Australia tomorrow.


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