Posted on 9 May, 2013

This post is by Fiona Hyde, Project Coordinator – Mandalay, Myanmar.

A big hello from the team in Mandalay, Myanmar

On Monday we met Thiha Ko Ko. He is a 19yo suffering from a hole in his heart. 5 years ago he was forced to stop school due to the inability to breathe properly and hasn’t been able to function normally since. He lives with his parents who care for him whilst they run a small street side shop in Mandalay. They are too poor for him to receive the treatment he requires.

Yesterday Thiha Ko Ko received a life saving device implanted by the Australian and Myanmese teams designed to patch and close the hole in his heart. On our rounds yesterday we asked if he felt different. He answered “Yes, I can breathe” and the smile on his face said it all! It will take 6 months for his heart to fully recover and then Mum says he is going back to school.

Thank you to the St Jude company for such a wonderful gift. Without the donation of these life saving devices people like Thiha Ko Ko would not have much future with a limited life expectancy. Your generosity is priceless.

Thiha Ko Ko and his very thankful Mum. So far 4 people have been given these life changing devices – and the Myanmese doctors have been taught the skill to insert them. We changed the lives of 4 people on Monday, but also left the legacy of education that enables the Myanmese doctors to continue to help others in the community.

The Australian and Myanmese teams working together. Nick Collins, Peter Illes and David Scott appearing like “giants” along side the local staff.

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