Posted on 27 October, 2016

Some people travel far and wide to see the historic temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. And what a sight the temples are by the way. However, there are 26 volunteers that chose to come to Cambodia for a completely different reason altogether… and I personally think this is just as beautiful a sight to see, an international wonder in itself.


The theatre team is one of a kind. They are just about as multicultural as you can get with people from India, Oman, New Zealand, United States, Australia and of course the beautiful Cambodian staff.


They all contribute not only with their professional skills but also with their dynamic and intricate personalities. I am always in awe of the theatre team and how they all work together so smoothly. I think it’s even more impressive that they come from a number of different countries, in which I am sure that means there a number of different ways of doing things, yet they still work so seamlessly together.

By the close of theatres on Thursday evening the team have completed eight successful surgeries. There are another two scheduled for our final day of operation.


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