Posted on 15 June, 2017

Today marks the sixth day of Open Heart International (OHI) with just today left for operations.

My name is Krystal and I am a new graduate nurse at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. This is my first time being part of OHI as well as visiting Fiji. The people here are so full of joy and kindness, they make everyone feel very welcomed.

On our first day here in Suva, Rebecca Karraz (another volunteer nurse) and myself got interviewed by the Fiji Hope Channel about our journey with OHI.


My second day was just as eventful when one of our patients had complications on the ward, and got rushed back to ICU after conducting CPR. (She is now doing great and making a full recovery).

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch Dr Bennetts, our Adult cardiac surgeon complete a surgery from start to finish with the Adelaide theatre team – Amazing! What an absolute high watching life changing surgery just inches away.

Although my role in the team is to care for the patients after their surgery on the ward, it was awesome being able to watch the full circle affect: pateints pre-op on the ward, watch their heart be repaired, visit them in ICU and then eventually help them recover on the ward.


I think I have one of the best jobs! As I get to build a relationship with the patients before they go into surgery as well as after. It’s so heartwarming to see the families faces light up with gratitude and thanks when they see me walk onto the ward after their child or family member has had their operation. They are so thankful!


It has been an absolute honour to be part of the OHI team, building friendships with the team of nurses, perfusionist and doctors from all over Australia and even across New Zealand and America.


Over 30 surgeries have been completed in just 6 operating days in a foreign country, in a completely different environment to back home, what a remarkable opportunity!

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