Posted on 15 August, 2014

Day 3: It has been another great day in Myanmar! There has been many educational session contributing to skill transfer which has provided by the OHI team. The local team are very keen to learn and progress their knowledge and practical skills.

teach myanmarteam teaching theatre

Day 4: The OHI team are bonding well with the local staff. It is fantastic observing the special relationships that develop between the team and our Myanmar colleagues, they become our family! When you arrive for work here you a greeted with a coffee, handshake, a cuddle and a big smile.. Then after a great, successful day today the team and our Myanmar friends were invite to Monte Moules (Australian Ambassador to Myanmar) residence for dinner. It was a great opportunity to chill out, and have a good laugh.

kid postop meal volunteer

Day 5: While the main team are hard at work in Yangon I must acknowledge our team up in Mandalay teaching Cardiac Electro Physiology to our Colleagues at Mandalay General Hospital. I hear it has been a very successful week. Well done to the cardiologists at Mandalay General Hospital and our OHI team…David, Bill and Shaun! Thank you.

mandalay computersteam
aftersurgery operating laugh localstaff

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