Posted on 8 April, 2014

The Hospital’s main meeting area is it’s on-site chapel. This chapel doubles as a lecture theatre, meeting area, and at the moment it’s the epicentre of patient activity.

waiting patients eye

For patients living a long way from home, the church pews have turned into an overnight dormitory. A bizarre situation for my Australian brain, but quite normal in the Philippines apparently! The Hospital has organised pillows, provides a meal, and even an overnight nurse just in case.

Each morning the previous days patients have their first post-operative check. While that happens, the current day patients are also arriving ready for surgery.

doctor assesment
It’s an overwhelming place to review a patient, the eyes of multiple patients and carers look on, watching every move, mostly out of curiosity, and all with appreciation.

Certainly not like back home in Australia but it’s functional!

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