Posted on 27 October, 2016

Happy, happy, so enthusiastically happy!

Our girl Aye is always happy now.

From the sickly, sad little thing in the conference room, where we first laid eyes on her, to this little generous hearted beaming girl we have now.

I’m blown away by the metamorphosis, encouraged to happen by a human hand which first touched her heart, then supported by a team of loving souls through recovery.

Most thought Aye was a boy, a sad, pale and doomed looking boy. I kept saying no, she is a girl. A beautiful girl. It didn’t help that her mother had shaved her head. A common practice in Burma. They do this in the hope the girls hair will grow back as luscious locks.

Well now she didn’t need it, she wasn’t pale and sickly anymore, she was vibrant, alive and divine.

To watch such transformation in a child, is a special time.

A time all our sponsors helped to happen.

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