Open Heart International operates as a division of ADRA Australia. Through ADRA Australia, Open Heart International is able to contribute to various disaster responses in Tonga, Australia and Ukraine.

Tonga Response

On January 15, an underground volcano near the island nation of Tonga erupted, triggering a tsunami and significant ash pollution. The eruption is estimated to have exerted a force equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. Over 80% of the Tongan population has been affected. The greatest concern is a lack of safe drinking water and food, which has been contaminated with volcanic ash or washed away by the tsunami.

ADRA is working with the Tongan Seventh-day Adventist network on the ground to respond. ADRA is providing immediate cash grants to vulnerable families so they can meet their most urgent needs, whether that is access to clean water, shelter, or food. And, your donation today will also support long-term recovery efforts through agricultural support. More details of ADRA’s response can be found here.

Open Heart International is ready to resume the remote cardiac training and patient reviews as soon as the Tongan doctors are ready. You can learn more about Open Heart International’s work in Tonga here.

Ukraine Response

ADRA is working with our team in Ukraine to provide urgent humanitarian aid including water, food, shelter, blankets and clothing. We are also working with our ADRA teams in surrounding countries, including Poland, Romania and Hungary, as they respond to the needs of incoming refugees. According to UNHCR, there are already 2 million displaced people due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. You can find out more details of ADRA’s response here.

QLD/NSW Flood Response

A slow moving weather system over southern Queensland and north New South Wales in mid February has seen previously unrecorded levels of rain and flooding across large parts of both states. Gympie, the Lockyer Valley, Ipswich and parts of Brisbane have already been affected, with the weather system moving south and now impacting Lismore and other surrounding areas. ADRA is responding in the aftermath to some of the worst flooding ever seen in these areas. You can find out more details of ADRA’s response here.

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