Even though our borders are shut, our hearts will never be.

As the new lockdowns in Melbourne remind us, this COVID crisis is not going to end for anyone, until it ends for everyone.

That’s why Open Heart International has just signed on to the #EndCOVIDForAll campaign, and why we need your help today. We would like to ask you to sign a pledge to End COVID for All.


It is true that Australia has ‘flattened the curve’ with greater success than others around the world, but too many of our neighbours around the world are ill-equipped to deal with a pandemic.

Around the world hundreds of doctors and nurses have died from COVID-19 due to shortages in personal protective equipment and overwork.

With 75% of people in the least developed countries lacking access to soap and clean water – the primary means of infection prevention – the odds are not on their side.

As Australians we take care of our neighbours. It’s just what we do. Will you pledge your support for Australia to provide vital support to vulnerable nations?

Together, let’s pledge to stand in solidarity with all our neighbours, and encourage our government to provide vital support to vulnerable nations.

Why? Because it’s not over until it’s over for everyone.

It’s the only way we can end COVID for all.