Posted by joshdye, 28 June, 2017

In the last financial year, your support enabled so many amazing things to happen for people in need.

Thanks to your generosity, morethan $16 millionwas invested to help 441,000 peoplein 21 countries. What an incredible effort!

None of this could have happened withoutyour support. Here’s a snapshot of your impact:

Refugee Day2

In the midst of the world’s largest refugee crisis,ADRA is helping in 39 countries around the world, including Lebanon where 120 Syrian refugee children can now attend school thanks to you.


In Australia, more than 1300 families each week receive a food packto help them flourish.

Esau family main pic

In Malawi, families like Esau’s (above) are learning new farming techniques to increase their resilience to changingweather patterns and grow enough food.

TC Debbie water loading

In March, ADRA volunteers helped respond when Cyclone Debbie struck the north Queensland coast.


Meanwhile, hundreds ofADRA Connections participants have taken part inlife-changing development trips overseas, partnering with local projects to make a difference.

ADRA Kenya famine kids

Thanks to your generosity, ADRA is responding right now in drought-ravagedEast Africa where millions of people are at risk of starvation.

Together, we can achieve so much. Your generosity today can help us reach the $1 million we need by June 30 to be a lightin the year ahead, to continue our life-changing projects.

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